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How do you go to a five star holiday in five continents in five years with Brandium Ataşehir

Each year a different continent, a different adventure... Dreamlike holidays and experiences filled with fun are awaiting the residents of Brandium Ataşehir.


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Brandium Ataşehir, the place where your dreams come true, fulfilling your every kind of expectation with its sea view flats in different types, shopping center that you can reach with only an elevator, its restaurants, cafes, sports center and green areas, brings marvellous holidays for two to everyone who bought a flat each year for five years along. There won't be any continent that you haven't seen.


Moreover, %10 discount in cash payment and %1 VAT advantage, also the assurance of 30 months %0 interest are in Brandium Ataşehir.


For more information 444 12 00


Warning: The holiday packages and dates which are announced within campaign are not fixed. Jetset and Brandium have the right to change the terms of campaign one-sided.